Confession...I hate the "About" section, because really what do I say, what do I not say? But I'll suppress my perfectionist, over-analytical side and give this "About" thing a go.....

I love sunlight, how it illuminates, filters, and reflects. Fall is my favorite season and sometimes I wonder if dolphins are just so annoyed they live underwater but breathe oxygen, I would be.

My degree is in architecture so some of my favorite words include juxtaposition and dichotomy and I geek out over things like truss details and old brick facades.

I dig tattoos. I've found they can be a cool avenue for hearing part of a strangers story. Also, I can't wait to be that tatted Grandma.

People are worth it. Each with a unique story and one that should be told. They are worth my time and they are worth investing in. Loving people, especially those different from me is so important.

Traveling is not only life-giving, but life-changing....hello gelato...

I've spent most of my childhood (ok, and adult life) wishing I was Nancy Drew..

Almond butter is my jam and there is no quicker way to my heart than through a donut.

My first camera, an old school 35 mm film Minolta XD 12. launched me into this beautiful world of photography...